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Soy-based Massage Candles -- "Mind & Body" Massage!
Review by Marian Brown

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As noted in this month’s new article “Aromatherapy & Massage: Complimentary Sisters”, the use of aromatherapy in combination with massage is very common. These two holistic modalities can provide a powerful one-two punch to knock out stress. And, a powerful one-two punch to enhance romance!

 Denise Cassaly, the owner of Je T'aime Fragrances, has combined aromatherapy and massage in a unique way… Soy-based Body Massage Candles.

These candles are unique in several ways. First, for many, soy is a “food” not a candle.  However, soy-based candles are gaining in popularity for many reasons. Soy is natural resource and not a by-product of petroleum. It burns cleaner, generally more evenly and the “wax” pool stays at a lower temperature. Denise has an extensive line of the “traditional” candles in addition to the Soy-based Body Massage Candles. 

The body massage candles combine the use of natural (and safe) essential oils with the moisturizing soy, shea butter, grapeseed oil and others to produce a massage experience of spa quality…all in the comfort of your own home. 

I recently experienced two for the Soy Body Massage Candles created by Denise and Je T’aime and must say they were incredible.  Upon lighting the candle (which is a solid candle in an attractive tin), the fragrance slowly fills the room. It spreads out evenly like true aromatic oils. As the fragrance surrounds you, the candle melts into a small pool around the wick. (Note that these candles use a hemp wick and do not burn with “soot” another unique quality.) Once the small pool is formed, you gently blow (or snuff) the flame, wait a few minutes and then slowly drizzle the warm “soy oil” on your body (or your partner’s body).  Gently massage the oil around and the warmth of your skin keeps the oil supple and smooth.

As it is enhanced with the grapeseed oil and shea butter, in addition to getting a great massage, you will end up with wonderfully feeling skin!

 Whether you do this alone – such as using one of the “Spa Collection” scents such as “Cool Breeze” or with a partner with a more romantic fragrance, the experience is incredibly relaxing and uplifting. 

Personally, I used the “Cool Breeze” massage candle on the back of my legs and even doing it myself, my legs and whole body felt relaxed and refreshed when finished.  The oil stays smooth without any greasy feeling.


Je T’aime has a wide collection of Body Massage Candles and they use pure essential oils. Denise has combined them in powerful ways to capture the essence of each scent for it maximum effectiveness.

 If you are looking for a little something for a fall pick-me-up, romantic weekend or those holiday “stocking-stuffers”, check out www.jetaimefragrances.com.