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What Is Really In Your Pet’s Food?
Do you know how to read your dog or cat food label?
by Marian Brown

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Did you know some pet foods actually contain sawdust, chicken beaks, animal toenails and proven cancer causing agents? This is a gross topic with gross injustices to our pets’ nutritional needs. However, it is something you must address – for your pet’s sake!

There are so many different brands of pet food on the market today, how do you know which is best for your pet? Many promise good health, top of the line nutrition and natural ingredients. But, is your animal really getting it? Reading labels is the most important step in finding a food worthy for your pet.

Most commercial foods are loaded with preservatives, additives, by-products, fillers and sodium. One or all of these ingredients could be detrimental to your pet’s health. Poor ingredients can cause a range of problems like skin allergies, allergic reaction, intestinal upset, skin disorder, kidney and liver failure, cancers and even lead to pre-mature death.

Most major commercial foods also fail to tell consumers that their pet foods contain the 4 “D”s of meat products – Dead, Diseased, Dying and/or Decaying animal parts. The fact is when a dairy cow or farming chicken becomes ill, they don’t dispose of the body, they SELL it to pet food manufacturers. This represents millions of dollars to the ranchers of the world.

Are fillers, crude by-products, dead and dying animals or chemical preservatives that are proven to cause disease what you really think is going to give your pet a healthy appearance and robust health?

Do not just buy a food because it advertises “natural” or “premium”. Read the label and make an informed decision.

Consider these three key points when
choosing dog or cat food for your pet:

 1.  Fillers are a red flag. The first ingredient on a label is always your main ingredient. Make sure the first one or two ingredients are not fillers.  Fillers are usually corn or wheat.

Don’t be fooled by fillers like Quinoa, oatmeal, millet, etc. These have been ingeniously added to the ingredient list because recently people have discovered them to be part of a healthy human diet. Animals have a completely different set of needs and reactions to these foods. Wheat and corn, for example, are the NUMBER ONE cause of food-related allergies and intestinal upset in animals.

2. Know the meat source. Beef or chicken “by-products” means this brand of food does not contain pure beef or chicken. By-products are hair, feet, ears, noses, tails, fat, diseased organs and worse. Chicken meal is a good source of meat, with the water and fat removed in processing, allowing a more pure source of protein.

3. Keep preservatives and additives away. Most of these are know to cause cancer over long-term consumption for animals and humans. Cumulative effects take hold, especially if your dog or cat eats twice a day, every day, year after year. Truly all natural foods do not contain chemical preservatives or additives and will state it proudly on their labels.

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