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Protect your pets against fleas naturally

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by Marian Brown

Yes, that's right. Flea--not flu--season is here. Our four-legged friends deserve the same safe and alternative care as we do. Harsh chemicals which kill fleas and their eggs, are also harmful to our pets and our families. Luckily, alternatives are available to control fleas naturally on your dog and cat.
A mainstay in flea control is careful and consistent good grooming of your pet and cleaning of their sleeping areas. Brushing and combing is essential in maintaining a healthy coat and skin. It is also an important way to create bonding and friendship with your pets.

While grooming your pet, fleas will be most easily spotted on the stomach and groin area. A flea comb is very helpful because fleas will get caught in the fine teeth. Also, grooming on a white sheet or plain white or kraft paper can be helpful. Fleas that "jump ship" will be more easily spotted against this background.

Thorough grooming you can also discover any flea problems before they become out-of-control. Prevention and early detection are key in naturally controlling fleas. Experts estimate that for every 1 (one) flea on your pet, there may be over 100 (one hundred) in various life stages in the nearby environment. To most effectively eliminate a flea-problem, all life stages of the flea must be dealt with and all steps need to be done on the same day.

The first step is with the pet itself. Holistic treatments for flea control are available. Herbal shampoos with insect and flea repelling essential oils and herbs are available. Tea tree oil is often recommended and can misted on the pet directly (when diluted with water) and on the pet's bedding.

Talk with your veterinarian about the alternatives for flea control for your pet. At times, flea treatment may be necessary if your pet is allergic to fleas (bites or droppings) and this reaction may be more of a health issue than the treatments. Explore the many options of prevention and management with your animal care provider.

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