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Natural Pet Care
by Marian Brown

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Pets continue to be popular in our society, yet the reasons we have them is changing. No longer are our dogs, cats, and horses "working" for their keep, they have become trusted companions and family members. Owners who have given obedience and potty training for dogs and pets have a stronger and less stressful relationship with their pets.  They enjoy the comforts of our homes, and in recent years the benefits of improved health care and specifically holistic veterinary care and natural pet care.

Natural pet care includes many of the same items that human natural care offers. This includes holistic and natural food, the use of supplements and vitamins, homeopathy for pets, herbal remedies and aromatherapy for pets. Prevention is also key. The vitamins from are a perfect example of the type of supplements that will benefit both humans and pets.

Holistic veterinary care, like that of human holistic care, looks at the "whole", not just isolated parts. It focuses on resolving the cause and the problem, not just alleviating symptoms. Overall improvement of the quality of life and living is the goal. In addition to western approaches, such as antibiotics (drugs) and surgery, holistic approaches include acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbs, Bach flower remedies, and nutritional therapy...article here

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