Flower Essences: Aiding Emotional Balancing

Addressing the emotions, stress, and mental attitudes regarding spiritual values and purpose in life, flower essences deal with core issues of wellness on the spirit side of the body-mind-spirit connection.

Flower essences work with the life force of the selected plant. Life force is best demonstrated by Kirlian photography. A photo is taken of a leaf and the energy force, a glowing light, around the entire leaf is present. A piece of the leaf is ripped away. A second photo reveals the glow around the same outline as in the first photo. The energy or life force remains intact even with the piece missing! It is from this life force that flower essences obtain their beneficial powers.

Dr. Edward Bach, developer of Bach Flower Remedies, once said, “Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind.” Smoothing out this disharmony is where flower essences may have their greatest strengths.

Anyone dealing with emotional issues can find flower essences helpful facilitators. Flower Practitioner Wendy Lloyd explains flower essences get to the core issues and help address them. In working with a counselor, the essences can encourage the “peeling back of layers” of emotional issues we have. “They are very helpful in moving through issues rapidly,” she says.

“Because they work on the vibration level, flower essences bypass some of our ‘blocks’, the conscious mind-control issues,” Wendy explained.

She has observed that essences work very well with children. Divorce and family breakup is one just one area she has seen success. “Flower essences help the children work through issues and stay more emotionally balanced,” Wendy commented. There are a lot of emotional aspects to a family breaking up and essences seem to keep the children more balanced and able to deal with things better she noted.

Seniors may find essences useful in establishing greater clarity of mind. Essences release and stop the “mind chatter” that interferes with concentration and focus. Dealing with depression, PMS and menopause are also imbalances that flower essences can address.

Flower essences are the catalysts in the balancing process. Balancing may be needed due to great emotional stresses, lesser difficulties, or simple fatigue. Since no actual plant material is used, flower essences are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive.

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