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Walking on Eggshells --

Review by Marian Brown, Editor
Reprinted from Families in Crisis

I found that there was a whole world out there without the imposed l
imits under which I had been suffering. Lots of things were
 becoming more clear during the days following
my decision to leave. I began to live as a healthy, functioning adult.
I had been locked in a cage.
He had the key. But so did I.

Quoted by Dr. Brian Ogawa in Walking on Eggshells

Many times over the past few months since reading Dr. Ogawa's book, I have recommended it to many people. I am learning that not only do the victims of domestic violence need protection, shelters, and the other essentials, many need just to know there is a way out. They need a "spiritual empowerment", so to say. They need to feel hope.

Dr. Ogawa and Walking on Eggshells gives hope. He gives an idea, the formation of a way out, the template for the key. No, it is not an exact blueprint. Nor does he give concrete answers. What he offers is empowerment. Basing his approach on the Morita Principles, he encourages victims to develop their own life's purpose.

The book is simple--only 50 pages. But, inside that fifty pages, Dr. Ogawa takes us from recognizing that abusive relationship, our turbulent emotions, gaining clarity and purpose, empowerment, moving past the past, and building new relationships--partnerships. WOW!
His understanding, explanations and encouragement reinforce the empowerment he wants the victims to gain.



For example: "Always being confronted with violence or living under the fear of violence is beyond anyone's resources....It is as if the passing ships and nearby shores are not noticed because the life preserver itself fills your attention and is so tightly embraced. Being preoccupied with just surviving exacts a toll on your well-being." Dr. Ogawa creates an image we all can relate to from one situation or another, whether it was a violent relationship or not.

He then goes on and explains how the victim can create redirection through defining and establishing clarity in their own life. "This redirection occurs as you point the life preserver toward some destination and kick your feet to achieve some movement." Again, we can visualize this movement.

This is just one of the many examples Dr. Ogawa caringly walks (or swims) us through. Anyone who is in the process of changing their life, clarifying their goals, or developing a new purpose can gain something from Walking on Eggshells.


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