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Author Interview -- Millan Chessman

"Stay Young and Healthy Through Internal Cleansing"
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by Marian Brown

"We need to education ourselves and learn out the body," commented Millan Chessman, colon hydrotherapist and author of Stay Young and Healthy Through Internal Cleansing. The colon and its function are natural, explained Chessman. "This needs to be addressed and we need to accept this part of our body."

After seeing the many benefits of colon hydrotherapy, Chessman, a practicing hydrotherapist, undertook this project to clarify what colon therapy is today.Millan Chessman

Chessman takes great detail to explain colon hydrotherapy and clear up the misconceptions many people, including those in the medical field, have when it comes to colon hydrotherapy. The differences between hydrotherapy and enemas, and colonics and laxatives are described in easy-to-understand terms.

There are many reasons we should be using colon hydrotherapy. The average American, eating a typical Western diet, consumes one pound of food additives per year according to Chessman. In addition to our food, she pointed out, our environment is also very toxic including the air we breathe, water we drink and drugs/medications we take.
As we mis-feed our bodies, they crave nutrients. Inappropriately we also crave french fries, salt and candy. We become out of control in what we eat. "Colon hydroytherapy cuts this vicious cycle.

How does this happen? No on know for sure Chessman says, "But, when a person begins cleansing the internal parts of the body, it starts to release the toxins and impurities -- to detoxify."

Colon hydrotherapy is just one component of detoxification. Chessman recommends a total program including cleansing, modifications to the diet and possible fasting.

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