What is Aromatherapy?


…the therapeutic use of essential oils to enhance the well-being of the
body, mind, and spirit….

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils (oils extracted from plants) for therapeutic benefit. There are many books and aromatherapy classes to help one learn the art of aromatherapy

The list of potential benefits goes on and on. Learning how to use oils to achieve these benefits is what aromatherapy is really all about.

Benefits of Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

  • Enhances current well-being
  • Aids in improvement of health
  • Works with emotions (for balance and well-being)
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Purification of Environment
  • Aid in boosting immune, respiratory, circulatory systems

To achieve these benefits, full strength, undiluted essential oils are required. The term “100% essential oil” is used to describe oils that contain only the extract of a particular plant. The lower grade oils are extracted using lower quality processes, like adding chemicals to draw oil from live material, or using heat to enhance extraction. These kinds of methods destroy the live, vital essence of the essential oils, and sometimes even add chemical or toxic elements to the finished product.

Common Ways to Use Aromatherapy:

  • Direct Inhalation
  • Steam Inhalation/vaporizer
  • In personal-care products
  • Clay Pot Diffuser
  • Lamp Ring Diffuser
  • Electric Diffuser (Nebulizing)
  • Massage with carrier oil — The best oils come from wild or organically grown plants because the plants themselves are chemical free. Also, the best oils are extracted using methods that use no heat and take more time, thus preserving the vitality and life essence of the plant.

Popular DIffusers

Therapeutic quality, #1 essential oils are laboratory tested with gas chromatography and certified to be free from impurities. When these oils are used, the therapeutic integrity of the plant is available.

Cautions with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy:

  • Always seek professional help with serious health problems
  • Do NOT apply directly to skin (unless oil has been specified as safe or has been diluted in carrier oil
  • Do NOT take internally
  • Do NOT use if pregnant, nursing, on children under age 2, or with serious health problems without consulting a professional
  • More is NOT Better

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